800W 2-in-1 4 LED RGB Smoke Machine-D8
800W 2-in-1 4 LED RGB Smoke Machine-D8
800W 2-in-1 4 LED RGB Smoke Machine-D8
800W 2-in-1 4 LED RGB Smoke Machine-D8
800W 2-in-1 4 LED RGB Smoke Machine-D8
800W 2-in-1 4 LED RGB Smoke Machine-D8
800W 2-in-1 4 LED RGB Smoke Machine-D8


800W 2-in-1 4 LED RGB Smoke Machine-D8

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Plug Type:US plug


  • 【Portable Smoke Machine with Magic Disco Ball】Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to transport and install at any event. For convenience, manual and automatic modes can be selected via wireless remote control.
  • 【Enhanced Visual Effects】: The smoke machine and disco ball combined with the voice-activated mode can create stunning visual effects synchronized with the music beat.
  • 【Smoke Machine Brings Dramatic Effect】Low profile smoke machine design adds an eerie and mysterious atmosphere to your event. Indoor small smoke machines are suitable for use in various indoor environments. The fog machine is easy to use and operate, even for beginners.
  • 【Stage Smoke Machine】High-quality construction ensures reliability and service life, making it ideal for stage use. The fog machine smoke has two operating modes: manual and automatic, with a wireless remote control. Smoke machine fluid and smoke machine mist liquid are compatible with this product.
  • 【Multi-Function Smoke Machine】A smoke machine suitable for parties, weddings and stage performances, providing professional-level performances. Lighted fog machines create ambience and enhance your event.

Elevate your party experience:

Our top-quality party fog machine combines with stage & sound equipment and atmosphere aerosol to create mesmerizing visual effects. Perfect for DJ events, weddings, Halloween parties, and other celebrations, this fog machine brings an immersive and unforgettable ambiance to your gatherings.

Exceptional performance and compatibility:

Our versatile fog machine is compatible with a range of fog juices, including high-density options for a stunning visual impact. The low lying fog machine and ground fog machine settings deliver a captivating atmosphere, while the fog machine indoor feature ensures safe and enjoyable use in various environments.


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