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Product Name: Floating Snow Lantern (Christmas)

Color: 4pcs 3W pattern lamp beads
Operating temperature range: -25 to 40 degrees

Remote control: RF433, remote control distance 15 meters timing setting

Voltage: 100-240V 50 / 60HZ
Power supply: 5V1.5A
Shell color: black
Output line length: 3M

Selling point: Using independent optical system, the first pattern lamp beads, four patterns covering the entire wall, large projection area, clear patterns, high brightness
1. The world's first, using LED to achieve laser grating effect, and has richer patterns and colors than laser lights. Achieve a variety of unique patterns floating effect on the full screen
2. Compared with other LED projection lamps, the projected patterns are more, and each projected pattern is clear
3. Using stepper motor, its life is longer than other projection lamp DC motors (DC motors usually only have 1-2 000 hours, while stepping motors use 5000-10000 hours or more). The product is more stable.
4. The wireless remote control program RF433, the remote control distance is 15 meters, you can choose 3 modes, atmospheric mode, color light mode

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