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Stage Light


$169.90  $319.90

ktvlights™ Rotating laser butterfly light

$179.90  $299.90

Cyclone four-in-one stage light

$199.90  $399.90

4D full color animation laser light

$289.90  $579.90

ktvlights™ Full color laser pattern light

$369.80  $699.80

ktvlights™ Nine Eyes Laser Strobe Light

$149.70  $268.80

ktvlights™ Dream laser light

$89.90  $179.90

Colorful stage smoke machine 500W

$149.00  $239.80

ktvlights™ Five-in-one laser stage light

$199.90  $399.90

ktvlights™ Five in one bee eye laser light

$399.00  $799.00

ktvlights™ 16 lamp beads laser moving head light

$399.00  $799.00

ktvlights™ Cross Phantom Moving Head Light

$799.00  $1,599.00

ktvlights™ Four-head full-color beam laser light


ktvlights™ Three-arm moving head light

$599.00  $1,190.00

Ten stars starry sky lights


One year warranty

All our laser lights provide 1 year warranty or replacement service.

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